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Raw is a free font best suitable for titles and headlines. Designed and released by Noe Araujo.

You can download it from Freebies bug here!

Ahh! I’m getting married! Yep. I and Abbie are tying the knot! After 4 years of going out with each other, we feel that the time is right for us to make it official. I am still freelancing making custom fonts for several agencies and doing some bits and bobs on the side for example for one of these bars in coventry.

We are looking to make it a small cosy wedding and making sure only our family and friends are invited. Nothing extravagant a nice cosy church and our loved ones!

To come up with the extra cash, I’ve recently being learning WordPress and themeing. I have used two themes from themeforest, and completed these sites; one of the top nurseries in coventry. I hope will make a big hit!

I have already told my parents and we are going to Manchester to visit Abbie’s family to let them know! If anyone knows of any good photographers let us know although we are yet to pick a venue!